During our training at SIFAT, the team was taught how to build a sixteen-brick rocket stove and about SODIS water purification.  We are so excited about getting to teach others what we have learned!

As part of our preparations for our trip, a group of six of our team members went to SIFAT in Lineville, AL in order to learn appropriate technologies that we can teach to the people we meet in Zambia. We were excited to see what we would learn about in order to help the people we meet and future people that will visit the new training center. Upon our arrival to Lineville, we were told about the needs of the people where we shall be going. The fourth largest cause of death in developing countries is respiratory disease which is often caused by air pollution. Often, this air pollution is caused by cooking fires and stoves and the smoke by-product from their usage. Hunger and water pollution are problems that are more well-known, but air pollution, which is also known as “the killer in the kitchen”, is a less obvious problem. SIFAT desires to develop more efficient stoves in order to greatly reduce dangerous by-products and save lives. During our training, we were instructed in how to make a rocket stove which uses readily available materials such as adobe bricks, burns efficiently while using less wood, and is simple to make and use.

Another great benefit to the rocket stove is that it is elevated from the ground. The women in Zambia often spend many hours tending to the food over their cooking areas. By having a higher surface to work on, they can avoid back pain by not having to stoop over their stove. Additionally, the rocket stove utilizes small pieces of wood such as scrubby bushes which is useful in areas without available quantities of firewood.

Water purification is another important area in which we were trained while at SIFAT. SODIS, which stands for solar water disinfection, is a method of cleaning water by using transparent plastic bottles that are put in direct sunlight so that UV rays can kill the pathogens in the water. Due to its simplicity and readily available materials, SODIS is a great method for providing clean drinking water.

 Here is a video of the rocket stove: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSMR2ANIZ7E
SODIS water purification: http://www.sodis.ch/index_EN